Meet Nikki

meet nikki

Nikki Hassett is a designer, coach, speaker, author and eternal optimist. She is Aries personified, on a mission to ignite the spark of inspiration in as many people as possible.

Nikki believes in exploring, creating, inspiring, following her bliss and making it happen!

The challenges of Nikki’s teenage years and new motherhood saw her searching for grounding to stay true to herself and her dreams. Nikki became a transformational life coach and practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in order to have the tools, skills and strategies to add the greatest amount of value to her own life and that of others. Nikki feels called to pay it forward and create ripples by empowering this generation so it flows onto the next.

Nikki’s passion is to help women invoke their inner spirit and confidence; radiate joy and to revolutionise their lives.

Nikki’s goal in life is to lead by example to spread positivity and empower women to live THEIR most extraordinary life.

To connect with Nikki for transformational coaching or gorgeous design, visit

Make YOUR bliss happen, baby!

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