“Just received my copy of ‘Make Bliss Happen’ a most stunning book! I opened my beautifully wrapped parcel to find so many bright glossy pages of inspiration and love…you can’t start your day any other way but awesome with this book on your kitchen bench..!! Order now!! I promise you’ll absolutely love it..!!”

~ Michelle Blauw {Darcy Surfboards} QLD, Australia


sarah nicholls nutritional bliss

“Getting stuck into my copy of Make Bliss Happen! ‘The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels’ I love this book so much! Your book’s amazing Nikki, you should be so proud of it!!”

~ Sarah Nicholls {Nutritional Bliss} QLD, Australia



“I was sooooo excited to get your books ….totally deliciously divine at a peek! Just wanted to say ‘thank you’. Your work in the world is so gorgeously colourful and beautiful.”

~ Maria Golding {Maria Golding} Qld, Australia


katie w

“Make Bliss Happen just arrived for me and may I say it’s simply amazing!! I purchased two one for myself and one for a present and I have a dear friend who I think could use this book more then me right now so I think I may just have to order another!! What an amazing achievement and such an amazing book! Nikki, you should be more then proud of yourself! You are now bringing bliss to other peoples lives ~ thank you!”

~ Katie Wilson {Addiction Adventure Wear} NSW, Australia



“Your beautiful book just arrived + it’s stunning! Inspiration overload.”

~ Julie Parker {Beautiful You} VIC, Australia



“Make Bliss Happen is a truly beautiful book. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

~ Skye H. QLD, Australia


kristy barette power of alkalinity

“Love your work Nikki! Just bought another copy of your book… Very excited! I’m loving it, you are so talented.”

~ Kristy Baretta {Power of Alkalinity} QLD, Australia



“I finished reading your book this morning Nikki! It is lovely, inspirational and such a nice book for life!”

~ Laura L. QLD, Australia


Happiness + Wellbeing Logo Final

“You are so freaking talented!
You are mind blowingly beautiful (both body + soul!)
You are an incredible artist.
You are changing the world.
The Universe has your back.”

~ Cassandra Lane {Happiness + Wellbeing} NSW, Australia



“Just received our Make Bliss Happen books. It is out of control amazing. So proud of you Nikki. What a great achievement.”

~ Emma Peart {ZEP Finance} NSW, Australia



“Make Bliss Happen is such a beautiful book written with so much joy!”

~ Ayla F. NSW, Australia


Make YOUR bliss happen, baby!

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